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Becca Glass

White Cottage Goodes - The Woodlands, Texas
Her Etsy shop sells apparel and hand poured candles out of her home base in Texas. 

"We were in a really tight place with our time after one of the first shirts we designed became a best seller on Etsy!"


We needed someone else to produce our designs so we could focus our time on other aspects of the business.

Some research and Googling landed us on the FM website!



Etsy Sales

Beautiful Children

Amazing Home Based Business


What has been your most successful and your favorite design to produce?

Our most successful design is our BE KIND sweatshirt! That message clearly resonates with people and we're glad to play a part in that.

Our favorite design to produce is our Messy Buns tee and sweatshirt because it was one of our very first designs and our first Etsy Best Seller!


How has working with FM enabled your creativity?

It's so fun to go through the design process on our end and then know we're sending off your work to be professionally printed. We create, and FM helps bring the entire project to life for us. Knowing there's an amazing company out there that can help us free up our time so we can spend time creating is the absolute best feeling.


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What was your biggest challenge developing your business?

Hands down trying to spin too many plates at once. Concentrating on one area at a time and organizing our time and priorities is something we constantly had to revisit.


What would you say to others who may be facing the same challenges as you?

You have to see the value in the time it takes to develop a solid business plan. Allow yourself time to sit down every week and set goals, brainstorm, and make and crush to-do lists.


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